Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sports Marketing Conclave - the 1st ever in any b-school in India

Remember Beijing 2008? Good. But then again it is tough to not remember a spectacle of epic proportions. The sensory delight that was the Olympic Games was a success that India will look to replicate in 2010 as it gets set to host the nineteenth edition of the Commonwealth Games. A large part of that preparation includes the challenge of marketing the event right so as to ensure that the whole world sits up and takes notice. It is with that in mind that IMT Ghaziabad presents, as a part of the Sports Marketing Conclave, the marketing event- "Branding the Games- A Marketing Challenge".

To make the proposition even more interesting, the communication team from the Games has agreed to come down and find out what your take is on the marketing of an event that is increasingly being looked at as a make or break event for India on the world stage.
The detailed instructions for participating in the event can be found on

Accountability, meeting deadlines, promotion, managing franchises, sponsorships and sustaining revenues may not sound half as exciting as power plays, pit stops and winged offenses, but they are undoubtedly as integral a part of sports. To get a clearer perspective on what a qualified manager can expect to accomplish in the Sports industry, a panel discussion with some of the established names in the field has been scheduled. "Sports: Career Opportunities for an MBA" is an exclusive opportunity for managers-in-the-making to listen to valuable insights and even get their queries answered.

Wrapping up the day would be an activity with unmatched popularity in the B-School circuit- "The Business of Sport Quiz". The multiple round event is to start off with a quiz testing the knowledge of the business behind the sport, followed by a surprise round to determine the true marketing calibre of sportsmen-at-heart management students.

See you there!!

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    might be of interest. is it a problem of inadequate marketing or improper risk management.